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Despite what anyone says, there is no such thing as a cure-all solution. That's why we get to know each and every individual that we work with on a deeper level. We want to know what your goals, your dreams, your past achievements, and your current roadblocks are.

People may use the term "it's just business", but we absolutely know that business is indeed personal. That's why we want to get to know YOU.

We want to help you share your story with the world, and help you and your business establish a solid, fortified foothold in the marketplace.
Jay (Jason) Ta
Founder & CEO
I know how challenging it can be to build your brand from the ground-up. It's frustrating, overwhelming, and roadblocks seem to pop up everywhere as you progress.

When I first entered the world of entrepreneurship, building my brand was often frustrating and time-consuming, while I was simultaneously out hunting for my first clients. Because I was new and still establishing my foothold, prospects didn't take me seriously. Too much time was spent looking for and chasing after clients who didn't value what I had to offer. 

I realized that this process couldn't continue if I wanted my business to succeed. Credibility and trust are two of the most important factors for any brand in the marketplace. Prospects, in need of help, look for reasons to trust you. Establishing credibility will help your prospects make a decision with you over your competitor. 

The solution to my problem allowed me to leverage authority, re-position my brand, and even help my future clients do the same. Set Forget Authority was born from the methodology of building a credible, authoritative brand and using it as a solid foundation on which to launch and scale your business. 

Set Forget Authority transforms businesses and sets them up for success!
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