Set Forget Authority
The Power Of Publishing
By Jay Ta
High profile visibility in today’s world isn’t just an art form that favors flamboyant CEO's of multinational companies. It isn’t even just for those who aren’t afraid to court controversy, as well as lead their industry in innovative discoveries....
How to Skyrocket to the top of Google
By Jay Ta
Getting featured on hundreds of articles can also deliver a powerful Search Engine Optimization punch that pushes your website to the first page of Google, thanks to the power of backlinks.  Without getting too technical, a backlink is simply a link from one site to another...
Publicity - The secret weapon for business growth
By Jay Ta
Publicity is one of the most powerful tools a business can leverage. Imagine, just for a couple of minutes, that it is a year from today. How well do you think your business will be doing? You could be riding a wave of success, enjoying the incredible feeling of being the business that journalists turn to when they need to cover a story in your industry...
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