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How to Skyrocket to the top of Google!
By Jay Ta
When publishing your story, build it into an engaging, well-written article. At the same time, inject your news with powerful SEO keywords, quotes, images, and emotional talking points for a story that journalists will find irresistible.

When done properly, you're able to get more exposure, build credibility, and meet unique business growth goals fast, all while positioning yourself as a leaders in your industry.
Getting featured on hundreds of articles can also deliver a powerful Search Engine Optimization punch that pushes your website to the first page of Google, thanks to the power of backlinks.
Without getting too technical, a backlink is simply a link from one site to another.

For Google and other major search engines, backlinks act as a form of social approval. The more relevant a backlink and the more powerful – or well-known – a site, the more SEO juice that backlink gives you.
For example, if your story is published on Fox with a backlink to your site, it won’t just give you visibility to people who read the Fox News website; it will also give Google a positive social signal from Fox that you’re a trusted brand.
At Set Forget, our distribution reaches out to tens of thousands of platforms.
In turn, your website gets a powerful SEO boost from some of the biggest websites in the United States, giving you more visibility in the search rankings.
Now, this is where the magic really happens….

Every day, millions of searches are performed on Google as people seek information. When they see a brand on the first page of Google, their perception of that brand increases by 30%
As you might be realizing, a published article is a tool that offers multiple benefits, rather than just a simple way to release bland news and statements about your business.
As 75% of SEO comes from factors like social signals in the news and shares on social media, a steady stream of engaging, authoritative news from your brand can be a fast-track to nationwide exposure.
More than just giving you recognition as a leader in your industry, Set Forget's Authority Publishing service also opens the door to more organic website traffic, increased conversions from consumer trust, and a significant boost in leads and profits.
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