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After interacting with thousands of business owners and investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into continued learning and business development, our team has cracked the code on how you can immediately stand out as an authority figure in your industry and drive steady, non-stop traffic to your business. We've helped others implement our marketing methodology with great success.

We have helped businesses multiply their investments many times over, using an easy, four-step method.

That's it! In just four steps, your business can step into newfound heights.
Step 1: Positioning - Media, Branding, PR, & Marketing
Step 2: Systems - Funnels, Software, Targeting, & Support
Step 3: Lead Generation - Organic & Paid Traffic
Step 4: Sales - Automated, Contracted, & Employed
By focusing on these four steps and using the right systems, you can easily automate and scale your business.

At Set Forget Authority, we believe that by effectively positioning your image & setting up the correct systems, you can achieve massive results in generating leads and converting those leads into sales. And the very core of positioning is effectively sharing your story with the world.
Blue Ocean Closing
Blue Ocean Closing - The #1 Source Of Closing High Ticket Sales

Blue Ocean Closing started out on rocky slopes, as a newly-emerging high ticket sales agency in late 2018. With an unclear direction and unreliable client acquisition process, the agency had trouble scaling. 

Set Forget Authority worked with Blue Ocean Closing to re-brand and re-position it's image by leveraging authority from their connections. Today, they can confidently proclaim to be the #1 Source of Closing High Ticket Sales in the marketplace, with daily applications from prospects in need of an effective sales team.

Tidiane Barry

"Jason is a charismatic, positive and driven individual that brings his influence wherever he goes. I had trouble recruiting specific clients and would get frustrated at missing out on opportunities. Jason would always excel in this department. After one specific meeting, Jason told me what I was doing wrong and it immediately clicked in my brain. I had no personal connection with my prospects. Jason effortlessly builds rapport and has the ability to build trust with his prospects right away. Jason's feedback has had a tremendous effect on my growth and how I address many situations. You will be truly blessed to work with Jason."
The Progression Conference
The Progression Conference April 2019

Set Forget Authority worked with client Andy Audate to fill seats for the launch of the Progression Conference tour of 2019 on a tight deadline in Los Angeles.

In less than 3 weeks, April 8-27, the team brought the conference to life, promoting & marketing the event, attracting speakers with powerful messages, working to ultimately fill 173 seats, handling behind the scenes operations, and fulfilling back of the room sales. 

The event made over $260,000, generating a ROI of over 12 times.

The Progression Conference is continuing with Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles revisited on the tour schedule for 2019 and over 20 tour dates to be seen in 2020.

Omid Yalie

"He may seem like a normal human being but trust me this guy has some alien supper powers. His Ability to influence and persuade specially through copy has my jaws dropped! What I admire about him is that he is not only the best at what he does, but also a great mentor and a coach.  His ability to teach you his ninja like skills is beyond this world and I’ll finish with this. If the thought and opportunity of ever working with Jason has come your way, JUMP ON IT. And thank me later."

Simon Luc

"With extensive practice and experience in the sales and marketing world..Jason has the abilities to establish a strong relationship with your customers and prescribe the right needs so that your customers are getting the real deal when they come to you for your products or services. I have no doubt in Jason, with his expertise and capabilities that he will help you grow your business no matter what."
The Elite Presenter Academy
The Elite Presenter Academy Online Course

The Elite Presenter Academy Course was built from the ground-up in only a few weeks time. Our team filmed over 120 topic videos over a two weekend period, laid out the coursework for academy students, built funnels, and wrote the copy to generate sales, including a 120 day email sequence to follow up with prospects. 

The course focuses on helping aspiring speakers take the stage with confidence and creating a business out of the events industry. Inside, the academy breaks down presentations from renowned speakers, such as Les Brown, Loral Langemeier, Erick Stoller, and Michael Tracy.  

Damon Taylor

"Jason is one of the most genuine and compassionate individuals I've worked with. He delivers the best content every time. I have no doubts that he will excel in any market he goes into. Definitely has my recommendation!"

Umar Qureshi

"Jason is a compassionate and caring individual who will definitely go the extra mile to make sure his clients are happy people."
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